Thursday, April 16, 2009


Last week a loving grandfather was cremated. CREMATED!

Early in his life, he had been an active, temple worthy member of the LDS Church. However, he made a few life choices that lead him away. At the end of his life, he was your stereotypical Las Vegas high roller with all the lifestyle entails.

So, near the end of his life, he told everyone that he wanted to be cremated when he passed away.

So, when he passed away last week, his children - who are all active LDS - cremated him. We are REALLY struggling with this! "Church leaders have counseled that only in unusual circumstances or where required by law should cremation take place" [Ensign -Aug. 1991]. We don't feel like the grandpa should hav been cremated. Afterall, he is in heaven now! We think his perspective on life would have changed. And, we think it was wrong of his children to cremate him. But, they say that they wanted to honor his wishes.

So, readers of Mormom Mommy Blogs . . . . what do you think? Do you think the grandpa should have been cremated according to his wishes? Or do you think his children should have buried him?

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