Friday, December 5, 2008

Bad Teachers

Is it just us or are there a lot of bad teachers out there? One of us just had the following experience . . .

The teacher called about her daughter, who has special needs, and said she is having trouble in the class. When the mother asked what was wrong; the teacher responded, "Well, she just demands more time than the other students." When the mother pushed for specifics, the teacher listed that she has to talk directly to her daughter. She has to break down her instructions into parts. And, when the daughter gets confused, she cries.

The mother calmly reminded the teacher that her daughter had language / speech delays and these things were required for her educational success. To this, the teacher replied, "Well, it just takes up too much time."

Excuse us????????

Helping a child with special needs takes up too much time?

Then, why go into teaching?

Don't you go into teaching to help children?

We are really sick of bad teachers.

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